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About MDS Mobile:

MDS Mobile LLC owns and operates multiple Samsung Experience Stores in UAE. It is part of the Midis Group, which has over 50 years of experience representing the leading global technology vendors in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Soltigo Consulting partnered with MDS Mobile, a leading Samsung Experience store retailer, to elevate their online presence and deliver an exceptional shopping experience. Here's a snapshot of our collaborative success:

Shopify Store design and development: We crafted a visually stunning and user-friendly Shopify store for MDS Mobile, ensuring a seamless online platform that mirrors the excellence of their in-store experience.

Deploying custom Shopify plugins: Tailoring the Shopify experience, we deployed custom plugins to enhance functionality, providing MDS Mobile with unique features to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Integrations with POS: Efficiently bridging the gap between online and in-store operations, we seamlessly integrated the Shopify platform with MDS Mobile’s Point of Sale (POS) system, streamlining inventory management and order fulfillment.

Loyalty and CRM Integrations: Fostering customer loyalty was a priority. We integrated Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, allowing MDS Mobile to build lasting connections and tailor experiences for their clientele.

Automated Email Journeys: To boost customer engagement, we implemented automated email journeys, from personalized product recommendations to order confirmations, ensuring timely and relevant communication.

GA4 Setup: Implementing Google Analytics 4 (GA4), we provided MDS Mobile with advanced analytics, offering insights into user behavior and enabling data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

SEO and Digital Marketing: Strategically enhancing MDS Mobile’s online visibility, our SEO and Digital Marketing strategies amplified their brand presence, attracting and converting potential customers effectively.

Payment gateway integrations: To ensure secure and efficient transactions, we seamlessly integrated multiple payment gateways, providing MDS Mobile’s customers with a frictionless and trustworthy purchase experience.

Results: The collaborative efforts resulted in a 30% growth in online sales, improved customer engagement, and reinforced brand loyalty. MDS Mobile’s Shopify store not only met but exceeded expectations, positioning them as a leader in the digital retail landscape.

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